Sakari: to be at one’s best

Meditation to awaken the best version of you.


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Meditation to feed your soul from Lyn at Sit with Sakari

The Meditation

connecting you to the core of who you are.

Meditation to equip you for real life, as it is - in this fast paced and distracted world. Meditation to cultivate a steady awareness that will enable you to curate your best life. A life of purpose, of passion, of peace and true fulfillment. Whether you want to try meditation for the first time, or want to deepen your daily practice; we invite you into this space - today is the day!


the guide

Meet LYN

Always living where her feet are, (currently New Westminster), Lyn is a certified meditation instructor. Her teachings are rooted in the wisdom of Buddhist, scientific, contemplative and secular practices. With a fascination for all things spiritual and as part of her own healing journey she also has certification in yoga, reiki, breath-work and soundbath.

As a long-time meditator, Lyn has come to know the benefits of cultivating awareness through mindfulness and meditation. Her practice has not only brought her more clarity and focus, but a sense of calm as well. She has experienced first hand the transformative power in monumental ways following the sudden passing of two loved ones. Breath by breath, meditation enabled her to move through tremendous grief and loss, back to a place of joy and purpose.

Lyn’s compassionate presence holds space for others to access and experience the same healing and transformation, from the inside-out. It was possible for her and it is possible for you too, no matter your walk of life or circumstances. Once numb and ridden with anxiety, Lyn is now peacefully alive and in love with life. Offering meditation is her love song back to the world.


community sit



If you are wanting to learn how to cultivate a sense of calm and connectedness in a group environment, or deepen your existing practice within a community of like-minded individuals, these sessions are for you.


The Gallery at Queens Park 
Centennial Lodge, New Westminster 
Every Sunday, 8:00 AM -9:00 AM


private meditation


If you are interested in one-on-one or corporate sessions, please email